Other Financial Services


We can offer the following services

  • Budget preparation
  • Cash flow reports
  • Crowdfunding campaign
  • Contract review 



Why does a company need a part-time CFO from us

  • To allow management to focus on their core skills to allow the company to grow.
  • The company is not big enough yet to afford a full time CFO or provide enough tasks to justify a full time CFO. 
  • The company needs in-depth knowledge of the aspects relating to accounting, internal controls, efficiency improvements, funding process' etc. 
  • Improves credibility to the market
  • We will give you much more than what you pay- we promise to engage in the business, help promote sales and become on the team for a very affordable rate. 



We also have an extensive network if you need legal advice, audited accounts, assistance with software upgrades for VAT.  We also have partners who can help with branding and website production. Contact us so we can find out more and we will put you in touch. 

What we also offer


Assess the impact that VAT may have on your company - from financial to legal aspects

Help calculate and fill in returns in 2018

Prepare cash flow management once VAT is implemented


Backtracking of financial reporting in software that supports requirements for new tax law. 

Monthly bookkeeping of all bill invoices

Year-End reporting