Behind every company there is a boring accountant! 

Why does a company need accounting?

  • To be able to manage the business and increase efficiency which in turns increases profits.
  • To provide the legal documentation a company will need to follow tax laws.
  • Increase credibility and insight in the event of a possible acquisition of your company. We offer your company services such as  needs to have substantial financial data in order to follow up and improve.
  • Easier to manage the day to day operations such as invoicing, follow up on payments to not lose cash or control.

Services offered

Backtracking of financial records - From  AED3000

Have you historically kept accounts manually and think you have good control? In a very efficient and quick procedure we gather all your economic data (with as little distraction to you as possible), find the correct online accounting system for you and enter the data as if you had been using the system all along. The outcome will simplify running your business as well as making it easier for the VAT implementation. We suggest you do this well in advance of Q4 2016. 

Bookkeeping - From AED2000/month

We do as much or as little as you need. Everything from sending invoices and keeping track of payments to monthly reconciliations and reporting. We can be offsite or onsite depending on your availability and are flexible for the solution you need. 

What we also offer


Assess the impact that VAT may have on your company - from financial to legal aspects

Help calculate and fill in returns in 2018

Prepare cash flow management once VAT is implemented


Prepare annual budget based on historical

Follow up monthly on variances and discrepancies

Prepare cash flow on a weekly or monthly basis